Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Me, Myself & Makeup

After seeing Lily Pebbles' post, I felt the need to introduce you to how my passion for makeup started.
Little me with smears of my mothers lipstick on my face.

As a little girl I had always admired the way my mother applied her makeup. A quick swipe of blue kohl on her lid, mascara, powder, lipstick and she was done. A vivid memory I have is of her blue tube of Christian Dior lipstick, which I broke and now live with the guilt. My beautiful mother was a stewardess in her early twenties and she's has always kept a strict skincare regiment and took all her makeup off even after midnight long haul flights! Its funny how it used to be me rummaging through her makeup and now I find her in my room looking for things to use. Oh how the tables have turned! 

My father bought me my first two makeup products since cheeky little me knew that my mother would have never let me. The first was the pink glittery powder from Marks&Spencer which I would never leave the house without. And then of course the iconic Lancome Juicy Tube which I still have as a memory that is surprisingly still going strong. I wore lipgloss religiously back in the day and now I'm the complete opposite and live the matte lipstick life.

I have a family friend who is 9 years older than me and whenever I went over she would let me play with her makeup. She had a drawer full of M.A.C makeup and would never complain about me rearranging her makeup. I can't believe how patient she was with me and that she let me pile on eyeshadow on her! She taught me to tap off excess eyeshadow; should have taken the hint.

When I was twelve I went to camp in Crimea, then Ukraine now Russia, with a bunch of girls from my ballet troupe. Three of them were sixteen at the time so they were all into makeup. I would beg them to let me look through their makeup bags and give me make overs. This trip was a highlight in my makeup addiction journey as my mother bought me my first ever set of makeup. Eyeshadow, a couple brushes, blush and lipstick were all mine to use! We had little discos every night, and that's  when I 'rocked' purple eyeshadow and thick swipe of silver glitter liner.

Since doing ballet one of my favourite parts to this day is performance makeup. It started off with blue eyeshadow all over my lids and some red lipstick and gloss. Now I spend about two hours before a show perfecting my double winged liner and making sure my contour is both natural and visible from stage. It really helps calm down my nerves. Once I get to the theatre, we all help one another and have a relaxed bonding experience over makeup before we sweat half of it off.

I discovered the makeup community of Youtube pretty young and continuously watched videos of Lauren Luke, Pixiwoo and Wayne Goss. Hopefully after establishing this blog I may branch out into Youtube? Who knows...

I think the real turning point for me was when I realised that makeup isn't just and only about trying to look better for others and to hide imperfections, but a way for one to self express. The possibilities for makeup are endless and every day makeup artists across the world create beautiful pieces of art with makeup. I don't think I'll ever stop loving makeup and I hope one that I will pursue my passion.


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