Sunday, 2 June 2013

Collective May Haul

Two months ago I went to Ukraine for a ballet festival, which was one the best times of my life.
(If you want to know more of the trip check out and go to the April archive.) Being sent alone on a trip without my parents, they gave me a decent amount of money, which I might not have returned and spent it all on makeup... Added to that my sister got me some goodies.
Some of the items are quite basic and boring but here we go...
(there are a lot of pictures; you have been warned)

 I have to say Bioderma is well worth its hype and every girl needs to bottle of it in her life. As for the nails, they didn't fit my nails due to my deep nail beds but I gave it to a friend and she said they were really nice and stayed for a long time. I absolutely love my deo, partly because it reminds me of Ukraine and that the smell lasts ( you don't want to smell funky in this heat).

I pick up this face scrub-er, plastic thing for Daiso to exfoliate while cleanse my face, its pretty good but not as good as the directions to use it. Enjoy.

I was in absolute awe when my dad got this for me. I love it sooo much its unreal.
Its my second purchase, as I managed to finish the small bottle 
so fast. I think that they don't sell the small bottle anymore.

Sephora Essentials - Contour Brush. 
I prefer to used it for my liquid foundation which
I mix with my moisturiser and stipple onto my skin.

With the immense heat and sunshine in Abu Dhabi, its hard not to get tanned or darker, so I got this
to brighten/darken up my face so I don't look washed out or white. It is a really good foundation with a lovely undertone, great coverage and smooth texture.

Probably one of my favourite buys this month. Ever since I got into make up, I've always wanted to get an eyeshadow palette with the colours of the rainbow and a neutral palette. Both are matte and the orange, violet, turquoise and brown are colours that used to be the quad.

And these are the things my sister got for me! 

Left- Glitterati    Right- Viridian
These  nail polishes just scream my name, I am the biggest fan of glitter and duel tone 
polishes. Love them!

Eyeliner in Vow. I used this for my waterline when I haven't got much sleep and 
I look like death. It really brightens up my eyes but I have to admit although it is a nude shade rather than a white, it is still very noticeable on darker skin tones. But it glides on like a dream!

I seriously don't know what I was doing without this in my life. It is heaven for setting your brows, they don't budge after you've applied it. Days where I feel like wearing less makeup, I also use it as a mascara for both top and bottom lashes. On a day to day basics, I like to use this on my bottom lashes as I am physically incapable of putting on mascara on my bottom lashes without getting it all over my lower lid.

Picked up these babies from Essence 
nail polish: Ticket to the Show and Front Row or Backstage
Angled gel liner brush

Hope you enjoyed the haul xo

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