Sunday, 2 November 2014

Nude Lips


It hurts me to admit that I was once a hater of nude lipsticks and lipsticks in general (shock horror, I know). All is good now, I have converted to lipsticks and am no longer insane. 
I thought I'd do a post of the nude lipsticks I have, as I've really gotten into them.

From left to right: Verve (satin), Taupe (matte), Twig (satin)

M.A.C Cosmetics
My love for nude lipsticks all began when I bought Verve. It was love at first application. Never would I have thought that a non-matte nude lipstick would make me so happy. The colour almost identical to my lips, but only better! Then the obsession grew, Taupe and Twig joined as well, slightly more pink but still perfection.

From left to right: 18 Nude, 22 Sandwash Pink, 23 Softrose 

Bobbi Brown
The story of these lipsticks aren't as scandalous. To be honest, I really hated these because of the creamy texture and used them as blush instead. But since of late, I've been dabbing a little bit on my lips because properly applying them doesn't seem to suite my complexion. Nude is probably my favourite, and although Sandwash Pink is far too light for me, I work it on the centre of my lips.

From left to right: Marks and Spencer - Chocolate Matte, Illamasqua - Glamore Buff, Inglot - 405 Matte
(I'm so annoyed that this is blurry but not enough to take the picture again)

Okay, I lied. My Inglot lipstick was my one true love for nude lipsticks. It is practically perfection but it is discontinued!! It is an amazing matte consistency that doesn't budge after being applied but doesn't drag when applying. As with a certain majority of Brown girls, I am faced with the "top lip darker than bottom lip" condition. Symptoms include looking weird when your top and bottom lips are the same colour. Whenever that is the case, I go over my top lip with this brown lipstick to darken and make it not look so stark. Illamasqua Glamore Buff is a lipstick like no other. Its definitely the most beige out of the lot. I'm indecisive of my opinion, sometimes I love the look and other times it looks slightly muddy and foundation like. Its also not my traditional matte preference. 

Here's to more unnecessary lipsticks!

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