Friday, 17 July 2015

Illamasqua Lipstick Collection

AKA my Illamasqua tower. 

A couple months ago, I decided to de-tube (?) all my Illmasqua lipsticks.  Despite their amazing color pay off and range, I have always found Illamasqua lipsticks hard to work with . They would drag on my lips and were very dry. However, once I depotted one lipstick since it had broke, I found it was much easier to work with. So with much deliberation and an excuse to stop revising, I decided to do that to all my Illamasqua lipsticks. 

I got the clear stackable containers from Dasio. Initially, I broke the lipstick into the pots and then realised that I could just wiggle the bullet out of the tube and not waste any product. To melt the lipsticks and make them more or less neater, I put the little pots into the microwave for 40 seconds and reduced the time by 10 second increments and continued on 10 seconds till the product had completely melted. Between each interval of heating, I would stir the lipstick with a toothpick. Some lipsticks were more cooperative than others. I then left them in the fridge for a couple of hours to set. 

ESP - matte

Underworld - matte (discontinued*)

Resist - matte (discontinued*)

Atomic - matte

Flare - matte (dry as the Sahara)

Buff - glamore

Shard - matte 

Growl - matte (discontinued*)

Left to right; row by row: Underworld, ESP, Growl, Flare, Shard, Atomic, Buff, Resist

The Verdict: SUCCESSFUL! 
The lipsticks apply so much smoother as I am able to mush my lip brush around in the product and warm it up. In my experience, microwaving the product didn't have a negative effect. They still smell the same and have the same consistency from before.


(*discontinued - I'm not quite sure if they are so I am assuming since they aren't on the website)

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